In November 2015 Computer Junction, working in conjunction with Cambridge based Heliopay Ltd and Portsmouth Crypto became the proud hosts of the first Bitcoin ATM in Hampshire.

Key Points

  • Two way ATM – buy & sell in minutes
  • 5% fee (below industry standard) – 7.27% at time of writing. For more information on fees click here
  • Buy or sell up to 50 GBP without identification, No limit on buying and selling with identification.
  • Simple verification for larger purchases and sales – fingerprint scan, photo id scan.

For a step by step guide to using the Heliopay supplied Bitcoin ATM click Here.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin ATMs serve the function of providing easier access for people who wish to use the popular digital currency without the need to link bank accounts and transfer funds to exchanges.

Two way machines installed on the high street make it possible for people to enter and exit the bitcoin ecosystem with considerable ease, laying the path for new users to feel comfortable as they get to grips with this innovative new technology in an environment where there is support if they need answers to any questions, whilst also allowing more experienced users the convenience of access to their funds in a familiar high street setting.