At Computer Junction we always believe in doing the right thing for our customers and we will always diagnose the problems and present you with our findings before any work is carried out. This allows you as the customer to know what the issue is and how much it will cost to fix, so there are no hidden surprises. As well as this if our findings show that the repair will cost more than the worth of the laptop (Beyond Economical Repair) then we will always advice you of this rather than carrying out expensive repairs on a dying machine.

As IT professionals we can fully appreciate that as a home user when your PC or laptop doesn’t work it can lead to all sorts of frustration often to the point of wanting to throw your machine away. However rather than doing this please contact us via phone, email or by popping down to the shop and our team of experts will always be willing to help.

How the Service Works.

Below is a step-by-step guide of how our repair service work;

  1. Bring your computer down to the shop and have a discussion with one of our experts. We will discuss the problems that you are having and give you our professional opinion of what is causing it and how it can be fixed.
  2. Once you are happy we will book your system in for a full diagnosis using our enterprise level diagnosis tools. This process takes around 24 hours to completely test all of your hardware and present us with its findings.
  3. Upon completion of our diagnosis we will contact you via the telephone to give you an overview of our findings and let you know the best possible course of action for your computer.
  4. As long as you understand and are satisfied with our findings and more importantly happy with the cost associated with the repair we will begin work fixing the issue with your computer. At Computer Junction we will always endeavour to have your laptop back to you within 3-5 working days, however if it is going to take any longer we will advise you of this and contact you periodically to give you progress updates.
  5. Once the repair is complete on of our team will contact you over the phone to let you know that the repair is complete and to come and collect your computer. Once you arrive we will give you a run-down of how the repair went and any other findings that we have come across during the repair process.

At Computer Junction we operate a payment on collection policy unless we need to order in any components as part of your fix. This allows you to make sure you are completely happy with our work before any money changes hands.

So if you have any computer issues, big or small and need a professional opinion then come down to the shop or give us a call today on 023 9235 6251.